Configuring Dropbox with EnterMedia

Dropbox ( is a nifty, free service that allows convenient storage and access of files from anywhere. These files can be managed locally and synced with an online file repository. This concept is very similiar to the Hot Folder feature of EnterMedia (/knowledge/9/hot-folders/). It is actually fairly straight-forward to sync up your Dropbox folder with EnterMedia.   1) Setup a Dropbox account if you don't have one already. 2) Install Dropbox on your EnterMedia Server (Reference:
64-bit: cd /media/emsites/yoursite/services/ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf - 
Now download our start-dropbox script. This script will start dropbox every time you restart your EnterMedia Docker contanier.
wget && chmod +x 
Run the Dropbox First time you need to link your Dropbox account, you need to watch the logs to get the link running:
tail -n 20 /tmp/dropbox.log 
You will see a message popping up stating something like this: "This client is not linked to any account... Please visit to link this machine." Copy the unique link they provide and paste it into your web browser. Login and confirm password when prompted. Your Dropbox account should now be linked to your server. You can see the dropbox's deamon status running the following command inside your Docker container:
 cd /media/services/.dropbox-dist/ ./ 
3) Setup EnterMedia Hot Folders (Pull from Dropbox). Refer to this:  /knowledge/9/hotfolders/ By default, Dropbox for linux starts downloading your files in the user's home directory: /home/entermedia/Dropbox. You can create a symlink to point a folder inside your EnterMedia's installation path: /media/emsites/yoursite/services/Dropbox to the default Dropbox's download path, this way, when you create a Hotfolder in EnterMedia you will be able to see the folder inside your Docker container in the path: /media/services/Dropbox
4) Setup Local File Copy (Push to Dropbox) Go to Asset Settings > Preferences > Publishing (Tab) > Click "Add New" > Fill in the following information: dropbox_em_push Destination: EM Dropbox (Can be called whatever you like) PublishType: Local File Copy Path/URL: /home/entermedia/Dropbox/Entermedia (location of dropbox folder and where EnterMedia will push assets to) Then you can simply select what assets you want to push to Dropbox > Click Share > Publish. And Dropbox should be updated with the new assets.