"Hello World" EnterMedia Example

1. WebPageRequest (built in)
2. Loading the xconf’s
1. loads index.xconf
2. load /subfolder/_site.xconf (folder level)
3. Checks fallback
<property name="fallbackdirectory">/parent</property>

3. /test/_site.xconf
4. Calling Existing Java Objects
<path-action alltypes="true" name="MediaArchiveModule.getMediaArchive"/>
<path-action bean="searcherManager" name="PageValue.loadPageVariable" allowduplicates="true" />
<path-action bean="userManager" name="PageValue.loadPageVariable" allowduplicates="true" />
5. Calling New Groovy Objects

<lang:groovy id="norcom" script-source="hello/HelloWorld.groovy">
6. /test/_site.xconf
<path-action bean="norcom" name="PageValue.loadPageVariable" allowduplicates="true" />

package hello;

public class HelloWorld

public String sayHello()
return "Hello World from Groovy code!";
7. test/helloworld.html

xconf files - path-action, properties, layout
plugin.xml - Load up Modules (Java Controllers)
Model - Java and Groovy Beans (.java .groovy)
View - Velocity HTML (layouts) (*.html)
Controller - AdminModule.login (plugin.xml)
Database API