Cleanup Hot Folders Content

The following documentation aims to describe how to cleanup your ingested Hot Folders media in four steps:  
  1. Run Import Hot Folders event in the Scheduler, this will only affects Hot Folders which have scanning enabled:
  2.  Run the script Check Original Media, this script will also only affect Hot Folders with scanning enabled:
This event will mark the conversions as deleted if the original file is no longer detected. If the original file is still there it will update the conversions and the metadata if some modification are detected (e.g. file time stamp changed). 3. Now you can remove deleted assets from their original location. Run the Remove deleted records > 1 month script to delete assets with the deleted status for more than one month, or run the Remove deleted now script, that will remove all the assets with the delete status immediately: 4. To cleanup your Category Tree you need to run the Clear Empty Category Nodes script, which one will remove empty categories: