Publishing to Remote Entermedia

Entermedia offers several options for publishing assets to other places (YouTube, Amazon S3, Aspera, etc...). Entermedia also allows you to publish to another remote EnterMedia server, or to another catalog on the same EnterMedia server. This can essentially be used to copy assets from one EnterMedia server location to another. 1. Setup Publisher Navigate to Asset Settings > Preferences > "Publishing" Tab. If a record for a "Remote Entermedia" Publish Type doesn't exist, you can create one by clicking the "Add New" button, and setting the Publish Type = "Remote Entermedia". PublishRemoteEM_profile Fill out the correct information for the EnterMedia server you want to publish to. PublishRemoteEM_details 2. (Optional) Customize Asset Prefix You can customize the prefix for pushed assets. Go to Settings > Data Manager > Choose Table: "catalogsettings" and select the field id "push_asset_prefix". PublishRemoteEM_catalogsettings 3. Publish Assets Select a single asset or multiple assets that you wish to publish. Click Share > Publish. Select the Publisher Destination from step 1. Click Next.