Hosted DAM solutions in the EnterMediaDB Cloud

Media Cloud Hosting Options

  1. Use the EnterMediaDB.NET Data Center. Complete with product experts, support options, an SLA and cheap disk space.
  2. Host With Amazon, Rackspace or other cloud based hosting company that runs Linux
  3. Host with your own provider using CentOS, RHEL or Ubuntu with dedicated hardware
  4. Local install (not hosted)

Why choose EnterMediaDb.Net Hosted DAM?

  1. Own your files! Your company can own the server (root access) and software (open source) that we are hosting for you.
  2. No lock in. You can move it whenever and wherever you need to. You own your files!
  3. Flexibility. Full control, you can customize any part of the application
  4. File sync enabled, Dropbox and Google Drive compatible.
  5. Built in extensions for web developers. Feed content to WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, YouTube or social networking sites.


EnterMediaDB US-East server farm 2016



EnterMedia Hosting is located in the center of Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta hosts some of the largest data-centers in the world. EnterMedia and the The Five Points Data Center has direct interconnects with all the largest bandwidth providers including: Cogent, Telx IX, GTT, Zayo, Hibernia and Comcast offering up to 10Gbps of bandwidth with a 1Gbps default connection for our clients.

US-West & International

Our second data center is currently being built in Los Angeles CA. We are also considering international data centers in the EU (Germany), Canada and Australia (Melbourne). With EnterMedia worldwide clustering technology we can offer:

  • Full Redundancy with Offsite file replication between US-West and US-East.
  • GEO Located DNS services. Have clients go to the data center closest to them geographically
  • Fault tolerant Automated Content Delivery Network. Replicates files worldwide as needed
  • Real time disaster recovery with no downtime for end users

SSAE-16 Type II Certified and SOC Type 2 audited

The US-East center is currently SSAE-16 Type II Certified. The data center is secured using multi-factor authentication including RFID badges, biometric scanners, and key code entry. The entire data center and common areas are monitored via 24/7 video recording system. Power is provided via 2400Amps of 480V diverse power feeds, 620kVA of batter backup capacity, and 1 megawatt of generator capacity. Furthermore the data center is protected via a double pre-action dry-pipe Fire Suppression System. The US-West data center in Phoenix is currently SOC Type 2 audited.

Professional and Highly Scalable

Digital asset management in the cloud has the benefit of a simpler scaling model and access to strategic server locations across the globe. The OpenStack API spins up new Linux instances. ElasticSearch provides top performance within the application and on back end processes. NGINX  is used for load balancing. Amazon Cloudfront CDN allows videos and images to be accessed on demand. Syncthing and Google Drive can be used to help ingest media. In addition to these powerful tools, EnterMedia provides all star service and a flexible digital asset management product that can be customized, moved and scaled as needed.

Cloud Hosting - Hosted DAM architecture

EnterMedia’s Media Database offers a cloud based, open source, digital asset management solution for media companies and creative content providers.

  • Full RAID disk redudancy for all files
  • Solid State Drive caching (SSD)
  • Real time backup synchronization and daily snapshot
  • Full product support
  • State of the art security
  • Access to plugins and APIs
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) are available
  • Fast setup ( less than a day )
  • Friendly admin and developer training are included in the setup phase



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