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Elegant UI With a Modern Look and Feel

Manage your assets seamlessly with EMShare, our sleek, intuitive, and fully customizable out-of-the-box app.

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Academically reviewed
and adopted by:

South Dakota State University using EnterMedia

Also adopted by:

Yale Using EM database

Powerful Metadata Management Interface

Edit permissions and manage asset, folder and collection visibility through the use of roles, groups, and users.

Worldwide deployments
validated by:

United Nations and Entermedia
United Nations

Also deployed by:

Armenian General Benevolent Union logo on EM    

Modern Metadata Management

Collection Management

Assets within a given collection can have permissions set to Edit, Public, View-Only or Private within specific roles, groups or users.

Entermedia 10 Media Database

Publish Videos on Platforms Such as YouTube from Within your DAM Software

Share videos with clients directly from the app, create proxies, transcode into/from different file formats, automatically create multi-lingual CC files, tag and download clips, hold current construction positions for assets that are still being created —all of this, backed by a strong API that allows for workflows to run smoothly and efficiently.

closed caption video editor for Entermedia

Sync Files from Your Local PC to Your EnterMedia Instance

Edit media files and folders locally with easy desktop syncing. Our in-house app, MediaBoat, allows you to edit media straight from your media database with design applications like InDesign and Photoshop. Publish folders and complex files into collections, check-in and check-out files within your browser!

Desktop Syncing with EntermediaDB

Cost-effective Expert Support and Personalized Feature Development Just for You

Work directly with our team of experts to tailor EnterMedia to your company’s specific needs. From product training and consultation sessions to customized feature enhancements and transcoding support, our experienced developers and software architects will be happy to help you get the most out of your digital asset management system.

Personlizing Entermedia's New GUI

Measure, Track, and Audit the Performance of Your Digital Assets

Audit assets and validate user engagement with workflow integration processes. All events are logged and can be reported upon. Reports can be on a single user or asset or across specific groups of assets over time. Downloads, uploads, searches, views, edits, and events are all logged and can be aggregated or drilled down into.

Advanced Reporting within Entermedia

Create a Free EnterMedia Account to Get Started!

All EnterMedia accounts are completely FREE and full-featured. Create yours today and...

  • Deploy a trial server: Test the software with a prepackaged version of the latest stable release, complete with sample assets, associated metadata, users, and roles.
  • Get 50 free tech support points: Get advice from our team of expert developers and software architects to learn how to get the most out of your Digital Asset Management tool.
  • Join our growing community of developers: Community support is an essential element of open source projects. Join our growing group of developers in exchanging ideas and discussing potential uses of the software.
  • Participate in our online forum: Post questions and comments, get quick answers for evaluations, get support from our diverse community of users and developers.

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