Key Features

  • ✓ WordPress, Drupal and Fatwire CMS plugins
  • ✓ HTML5 Video Streaming, Custom Transcoding (HD, Mobile Ready)
  • ✓ Publishing / Importing YouTube, Amazon, FTP, Email
  • ✓ Google Drive, DropBox, Amazon S3 folder monitoring, Hot Folders (mounted drives) for automated mass media ingestion.
  • ✓ Active Directory, LDAP, OAuth and SAS integration.
  • ✓ Custom Database Modules – contacts, courses, vendors, clients
  • ✓ Libraries, projects, collections, scripts, automated  and triggered events, and custom notifications for Workflow Management.
  • ✓ Live Annotations, Online Cropping, Watermarking, Geo Tagging, Video Closed-Captioning, Multi-Language and more.

EnterMedia is a next generation, open source, media database platform. It is tailored towards web developers and media teams. Full JSON API & source code are available under a perpetual and transferable  LGPL License.

Developer Sessions

Advanced Training & technical user practices ✓
Best practices ✓
Clustering Setup ✓
Failover Setup ✓
Backup Automation ✓
Product Extension Development ✓
Product Customization ✓
YouTube, WP or Drupal integration with existing ✓
Product extensions ✓
API overview ✓
Technical Troubleshooting ✓
Unique Feature Development ✓

Download the latest version of EnterMediaDB. Our prepackaged VM is great for evaluation in Windows or Mac environments, or try a automated installer for any Linux OS.

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Our Media Database Offers:


Open Source Technology

EnterMedia is a next generation, open source, Media Database platform. It is tailored to Web Developers and Media Teams. Full JSON API available. Source code is available under a perpetual, transferable, LGPL license. Own your DAM.


High Performance

The media database can be clustered via ElasticSearch. It includes full pipeline architecture to deal with multiple terabytes of media, a global userbase and streaming video. Failover setup and automated backup can help guarantee 99.9% uptime.


A Flexible Platform

Unlimited customization and integration with third party tools. Existing plug-ins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Syncthing, Wowza, etc. The JSON API provides the ability to create custom applications.

infoiconProfessional Support

Customer Service is a top priority. The Media Database benefits from a diverse group of users, developers, and online community. Professional Server Setup, Annual Support and Sprints are available to boost your project.

Community support is an essential element of open source projects. Join our growing group of developers in exchanging ideas and discussing potential uses of the software.