Creating a New Script

1. Navigate to Settings | Scheduler | Scripts 2. Choose an existing script create a script   3. Edit the script
import import import org.openedit.entermedia.Asset import org.openedit.entermedia.MediaArchive import org.openedit.*; import com.openedit.WebPageRequest; import com.openedit.hittracker.*; public void init() { // Regenerates a single asset final ASSET_ID = "109"; MediaArchive archive = context.getPageValue("mediaarchive"); //Search for all files looking for videos Searcher searcher = archive.getAssetSearcher(); Collection assets = searcher.getAllHits(); Asset asset = archive.getAsset(ASSET_ID); if(asset == null) {"Asset not found"); return; } archive.removeGeneratedImages(asset); asset.setProperty("importstatus", "imported"); archive.saveAsset( asset,null);"now kick off import event"); archive.fireMediaEvent("importing/assetsimported", user); } init(); 
4. Click "Debug" button to test script and make sure it is running properly 5. Change the name appropriately New Script Name 6. Click "Save" button