Tips and Tricks

1.  Creating thumbnails from videos at arbitrary times   You can create a thumbnail from any point in time in a video using any of our standard thumbnail URLs and a "timeoffset" request parameter.   For example - using the "Medium" thumbnail size:   This URL will give you the first frame of the video for a given asset:
  And these URLs will give you offset frames of the video for a given asset:
  If you are using the REST API, you can get the asset sourcepath directly from the search results. 2. IDs When using Lucene EnterMedia only supports lower case IDs. The reason for this is that when we delete an asset we noticed the Lucene does not apply Analysers. So the default search to delete or update a record is just to lowercase it. 3. Windows Environmental Variables Make sure to remove all quotation marks from the PATH variable. Tomcat doesn't like having quotes.