Publish to YouTube

EnterMedia supports publishing videos and other assets to several third party websites and destinations such as YouTube, Amazon, Wordpress, Drupal or an FTP site using Google's YouTube API. To start publishing to Youtube, you first need to install the youtube-extension.

1) Install YouTube extension Go to Manager > Update Manager Check the "EM Youtube Publisher" option (Make sure to uncheck the other options) Click "Upgrade" Restart your tomcat server: Restarting EnterMedia

2) Register Application with Google

3) Create user in Entermedia with same credentials as YouTube account Go to Settings > User > Create User Fill out fields (Make sure that the "User ID / Password" match your YouTube account) Click "Create"

4) Fill-out YouTube publishing information Go to Asset Settings > Preferences > Publishing Edit an existing publishing record (e.g. YouTube), or create a new record Make sure the Publish Type is set to "YouTube" Fill out the following fields specific to your account Example:

 Destination: YouTube Publish Type: Youtube (from dropdown) Path/Url: User Name: (YouTube Username) Password: Bucket: (Your Client ID) Access Key: (a long character string, the result of registering application with google) 
 *Note: Make sure that the username for both YouTube and the one you created in EnterMedia match. The Password field does not need to be filled out here. It is grabbed from the user account information in EnterMedia. 

Click "Save" to save the changes

5) Publish to YouTube Select asset(s) (Either click on a single asset, or select multiple) Note: Make sure that the assets selected each have a tag, category, title, and description. Go to Share > Publish Select "YouTube" for the Destination ID, or the publishing ID that was filled out in step 2 Select the Category for the assets Click "Next"

6) Verify that the asset was published.