Joomla Integration

Joomla Integration - EnterMediaDB

EnterMediaDB supports integration with Joomla, an open Source CMS tool. These instructions demonstrate how to feed content from EnterMedia to Joomla sites.


  • Download Joomla component package ( and plugin (
  • Login to your Joomla adminstrator area
  • Go to: "Extensions" and "Extension Manager"
  • Open: "Upload Package File" select each file and click on "Upload and Install"

Configure Component

  • Select EnterMedia DB from Components menu
  • Configuration
  • EnterMediaDb Key - ex: adminmd5421c0af185908a6c0c40d50fd5e3f16760d5580bc
  • Source - ex:
  • Hits per Page (number of assets retrieved at a time) - 15 (suggested)
  • Go to Extension Manager-->Manage-->search for “entermedia” and Enable plg_hwdmediashare_remote_entermediadb plugin

Component Features

joomla-2 Import All Assets - imports all of the assets from the DAM domain specified in Configuration Import Categories - once an EnterMedia’s Library’s Collections are selected from the dropdown, the Extension imports all Assets from it Import Single Asset with Asset ID - an individual asset can be imported by simply entering the AssetID in this field *Only image and video files are currently accepted

Custom Metadata Import

You can import metadata fields from EnterMedia. You have to configure the custom field that will read the metadata. In the HDW mediashare component Dashboard go to "Custom Fields" in the right menu. joomla-3 You need to add a custom field, just have to use the same "Fieldcode" that the Asset Field in EnterMediaDb. Next time you import an asset Custom Metadata will be available in the Asset view: joomla-4