Site Root

The Java Multi File Uploader requires that the site root be set. This is the public domain and URL for the web site. Normally EnterMedia will detect the site root by asking at the web browser who is connecting to it. Unfortunetly this only works if with the first connection made to the server after a boot up. It is recommend to set the site root by editing this file: /_site.xconf
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <page> <property name="encoding">UTF-8</property> <property name="themeprefix">/themes/baseem</property> <inner-layout>${themeprefix}/layouts/layout.html</inner-layout> <property name="usemultiplelanguages">false</property> <property name="siteRoot"></property> </page> 
  • Note there is no trailing slash.
  • The port numbers are optional
  • https can be specified
  • The web server will need to be reboot once this file is edited