Eclipse set up to run EnterMedia9 DAM

1. Install the Eclipse IDE and Necessary Extensions

    Go to Help > Install New Software...
    Click 'Add...'

    Name: Groovy
    Click 'Ok'
    Select the Required Package "Groovy-Eclipse" and any others you want
    Click 'Next' and click through the dialog until finished

2. Clone EnterMedia Repositories ( into your workspace. You will need at least the following projects:

    Go to File > Import...
    Select Git/Projects From Git
    Select Clone URI
    Click 'Next'
    Click Paste the Git repository URI
    Click 'Next' 
    Click 'Next'
    Click 'Next' 
    Click 'Next'
    Click 'Finish' 
    Select each repository and import them into your current workspace

3. Switch all repositories to "em9dev" branch where it exists

    Right click on specific project then Team > Switch to > Other...
    Open Remote tracking 
    Select em9dev if it exists
    Click 'Check Out...'
    Click 'Check out as New Local Branch
    Click 'Finish'

4. Clean and rebuild your workspace

    On top menu Project > Clean ...
    Check in Clean all projects
    Click 'Clean'

5. Run the application Run entermedia9 into Eclipse OXYGEN