Hardware Requirements and Recommendations for EnterMediaDB 9.x

The following specs are the minimum hardware requirements to run EnterMediaDB, including physical hardware and virtual machines (VMs) to accommodate up to 100k image assets and 100 users:

  • 4-core cpus
  • 8 GB or RAM
  • 100GB SSD Hard Drive for system
  • 1TB External Volume to store data
Depending on the expected number of users, overall volume of assets and workflow practices EnterMediaDB is developed to work on clusters setupideal hardware requirements for a cluster setup serving 10k users are:
  • 8-core cpus
  • 16 GB or RAM
  • 500GB SSD Hard Drive for system
  • 5TB External Volume to store data running SAS and ZFS filesystem
EnterMediaDB 9 is build and distributed on Docker and we recommend to use Linux as Operative System in the host machine or vm, our preferred distros are CentOS 7.x and RedHat 7.x.

System Configuration and Server Security

Required External Ports:
  • Https port 80 and 443
  • SSH port 22 for basic  administrative operations.
  • Resilio 6100 TCP/UDP to sync folders from user desktops
 For advanced settings EnterMediaDB may need:
  • Port 9300 and 9200 TCP - Elasticsearch cluster (only within EnterMedia Servers)
  • Wowza 1935 to record and stream video
  • Wowza 8088 HTTP downloads (only within EnterMedia Servers)
Security and docker firewall tasks are managed with iptables.
Additionally, EnterMediaDB 9  supports several SSO solutions that may require advanced server setup and networking settings.
  • LTI (Moodle/Canvas)
  • Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • Google Login (openID)
  • Facebook Login