LDAP Authentication

For active directory you would need to login using an ldap specific url and prefix. To test your login we recommend using http://jxplorer.org/ or a command line client such as:
yum install openldap-clients
For command line testing you can try something like:
ldapsearch -x -H ldap:// -D "companydomain\christopher.burkey" -b "CN=Domain-DNS,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=sdbor,DC=local" -w [PASSWORD]
To enable LDAP authentication you just need to edit your catalogsettings and add three new rows of data:

Edit catalogsettings table

Vendor ldapserver ldapserverprefix Login as
Generic Secure LDAP server ldaps://xyz.servername.com cn=
Microsoft AD ldap://xyz.servername.com email@domain.com
Microsoft AD (alt) ldap://xyz.servername.com DOMAINNAME\ username.lastname
  CatalogSettings   If you need to setup a connection to a secure LDAP server, please refer to the following documentation on how to import a self signed certificate.