Indexing embedded text in documents

In EnterMedia you can search embedded text in documents. Indexing full text in documents it is enabled by default with a limit of 25,000 characters. To disable full text index or change this limit, you can add these variables. The default limit is 25,000 characters. To increase the limit create this file: Adjusting Full Text Index Limits
/opt/entermedia/webapp/WEB-INF/pluginoverrides.xml  <bean id="elasticAssetDataConnector" class="org.entermediadb.elasticsearch.searchers.ElasticAssetDataConnector" scope="prototype"> <property name="includeFullText"> <value>true</value> </property> <property name="fullTextCap"> <value>100000</value> </property> <property name="pageManager"> <ref bean="pageManager" /> </property> <property name="xmlArchive"> <ref bean="xmlArchive" /> </property> <property name="moduleManager"> <ref bean="moduleManager" /> </property> <property name="elasticNodeManager"> <ref bean="elasticNodeManager" /> </property> <property name="assetSecurityArchive"> <ref bean="assetSecurityDataArchive" /> </property> <property name="searcherManager"> <ref bean="searcherManager" /> </property> <property name="dataFileName"> <value>data.xml</value> </property> </bean>