Importing Users

For administrators that want to bulk import users using spreadsheets, EnterMedia supports the importing of CSV files. You can access this area by going to Settings / Users (System Settings) / then selecting the Import / Export tab. It is recommended that you export the existing user table so that you can stay in line with the format that the system requires.

Example File

Here is the basic comma delimited format:  
id name userName screenname firstName lastName email enabled showeditor notes groups
103 test test 103 test test test test true users
admin admin admin admin The Administrator true visualdata|administrators

Built-in Fields

id - This can be the same as the username userName - This is the account name you want to give the user. If id is not set then the account id will be auto assigned to be the email address. firstName - The first name. This is optional. If not used the the name will be pulled from the last name field. lastName - The last name. This is optional. email - Will be used as the username if it is not specified. The only problem with this is if the user changes they email address they will need a new account. We recommend you use the username field. password- Will be used as the password for the user. If this column does not exist or no value is specified, OpenEdit will generate a random password. The user can then go to the login screen and use the password recovery tool to get their password emailed to them.