ImageMagick Preset Parameters

Parameter Description Example Value
prefwidth Preferred Width 640
prefheight Preferred Height 480
dpi Metadata value of the dpi output (px per inch) 600
crop Crops the image true
gravity the relative point of the crop marks NorthWest
colorspace Change the way color is stored CMYK, Gray, sRGB
x1 Starting X Coordinate for cropping 0
y1 Starting Y Coordinate for cropping 0
cropwidth cropheight Optional, can be a smaller crop size than the input image used with x1 y1 100
quality 1 (lowest image quality and highest compression) to 100 (best quality but least effective compression) 89
sampling-factor Specifies the sampling factors to be used 2×1 or 4:2:2
isforced Forces conversion tasks to override generated images true
extent Creates a box true
extentwidth extentheight Requires for setting the size of the box 80
minsize Uses the Width and Height as minimum sizes to fill true
scaleup Grows small images to make it bigger default = false
sepia-tone Converts the image into a gray-scale, and colors all the mid-tones to a special brown color default = 0%


Example Preset Configuration (Assets | Settings | Preferences | Preset Configuration) Example Preset Configuration ImageMagick Reference Page