Geolocations Setup

EnterMedia’s geolocation features allow you to:
  • designate a specific location as the default map location for your users
  • geotag assets with multiple geolocations and multiple customized map icons
The following steps will show you how to setup a table to use the geolocation features: Part One - Setup Geolocation Table If a geolocation table to store geo-tags does not yet exist (such as assetlocation), create one. If one exists, confirm the following setup:
  • Navigate to Settings-->Data Manager
  • Select "assetlocation" table or click "Create New Table" button
    • Specify a table name, such as "assetlocation" or "geolocation"
  • Click on "Customize Fields" tab
  • Create or edit fields as shown in following screenshots
    • ID (Data Type: Text)
    • Position (Data Type: Text, Render Type: Map)
    • Latitude (Data Type: Text)
    • Longitude (Data Type: Text)
    • Icon (ID: geoicon, Data Type: List)
    • Asset (Data Type: List, Render Type: Asset)
    • Name (Data Type: Text)
AssetLocationCustomizedFields Part Two - Setup Asset View
  • Settings-->Views-->Add New
  • Add a Name (we recommend ”GEO” or similar), hit Save
  • Select Gear Icon to Edit
  • Setup with the following values and add three fields (Name, Icon, Position), as pictured
Settings-Views-GEO-Setup Part Three - Setup Default Map Location
  • Settings-->Data Manager-->Choose Table “catalogsettings”
  • Select record “startinglatlong”
  • Gather the latitude and longitude of your desired default location upon which to center the map for your users
  • Enter values in the Value field in the form of: actual latitude,actual longitude
  • Click Save
Part Four - Setup Google Map Key
  • Go to the catalogsettings table through the Settings | DataManager and create a new entry like following: