EnterMediaDB 9 Release Notes 2016

September 15th 2016 Entermedia DB Server Build 9.653
  1. Defaulted sorts, selectable fields now sorted by name
  2. Improved reindexing, index into new database on import
  3. Library Users permissions fixed to filter assets by user
  4. Improved Multi-language support on fields
  5. New report area, Dashboard with previews and reports for: Download History, Asset Previews, Asset Disk Usage, User Authentication, Disk space by Library, Assets over time and Disk space by file format.
  6. Preview status more reliable
  7. Video conversion width & height odd (Libav required)
  8. Wowza live streaming fixed
  9. Pagination on category searcher
  10. INDD files thumbnails support
  11. Custom fields improvement, stored separately from default fields
  12. Combine Tags when upload an asset
  13. JSON API fixes
  14. Delete all speed improved
  15. Embeddable Collection Gallery view
  16. Improved MD5 Checksum
  17. Generate all thumbnails script improved
July 8th 2016 EnterMedia DB Server Build 9.589
  1. Added reindex smartness to save fields in other languages. Allows existing English data to not be lost after Fix Mappings
  2. Fixed double click issue with Category picking
  3. Saving multiple language fields in upload
  4. Format Tags in preview area
  5. Clean up permissions area organization
  6. Nicer looking audio player for embedded pages
  7. Added link to collection tabs when clicking on module button
  8. Fix orsgroup lookup for more precise permission lookup
  9. Fix slow downloading issue with email being sent
  10. Fix importdatabase check to not look for lists
  11. Named Reports area to Dashboard
  12. Saving multiple dates caused conflicting values
June 29th 2016 EnterMedia DB Server Build 9.565
  1. Drag and Drop Category folders into Collections
  2. Ability to assign automatically assets to collections on import
  3. File modification monitoring of Hot Folders for fast importing of edited files
  4. Document Zoom tool let's you use your mouse wheel to zoom into documents
  5. Moved to ElasticSearch 2.1 for database search and storage
  6. Added CSV database export
  7. Upgrade to JQuery 1.8.x
  8. New Categories Picker and Search
  9. Stacked View allows preview and navigation with right and left arrows
  10. New Open Collections UI allows you to search and open existing Collections across libraries
  11. LTI Authentication for easy Moodle integration
  12. Multi-language search and editing. Allow any field to be marked as multi-language and values stored in several languages at once
  13. Closer Integration with Google Drive Hot Folders
  14. Ability to Move collection from one Library to another, including asset media
  15. Re-created Spring Loader with BeanLoader