EnterMedia 8.14R1 Release Notes

Notes from the Developers: After upgrading please verify these settings: 1. Renamed and moved "Conversions" and Embedding permissions. Please verify that you have the correct roles assigned. 2. Changed rule on how Conversions are shown. Verify that your Preferences | Transcoding | "Display on Convert/Crop Page" is turned on for most conversion types 3. To enable Lucene syntax queries you need to change the All Fields property to have a search type of "Free Form" instead of contains. See: http://lucene.apache.org/core/4_6_1/queryparser/org/apache/lucene/queryparser/classic/package-summary.html#package_description Documentation Updates: EnterMedia Cloud Architecture Diagrams There has been an increasing demand for documentation and diagrams that map out how EnterMedia works in the cloud. Based on these requests we have we have taken the time to put together a breakdown of several key components in an ideal setup. This is a must see for any large company looking to implement a global solution. Backup and Restore A recent request in our Google Group asked us to describe a backup and restoration process. We decided to document our response and share it with any other users interesting in this important aspect of server administration. Clustering Clustering has been in the works for several months. This release marks our most impressive milestone to date in terms of scaling EnterMedia across multiple servers. Clustering drastically improves the user experience by increasing speed. It empowers server administrators by providing redundancy and failover/ disaster recovery capability. Best of all, it is now a standard part of the product that is available to anyone through a simple upgrade. Configuring Dropbox with EnterMedia Several customers have expressed interest in integration with Dropbox. We have made it easy to set up a Dropbox storage location as a HotFolder. This will help ensure that all assets in Dropbox are also in the DAM. Customizing Error Pages Depending on how technical an in house support team is, error pages may or may not be useful in troubleshooting. Our support team is here to help you understand and translate these messages into language that is more practical for the level of expertise that is available. This document is a great reference for those who want to take direct ownership of this process. Deleting Assets in Bulk There are many ways to clear out old or unwanted media. The front end of the application supports this functionality, but there are also back end tools that can be used to remove content from the DAM. Learn how to manage more behind the scenes with this helpul guide as a reference. Publishing to Remote EnterMedia Users and administrators often need to copy assets to secondary locations. In some cases this means publishing assets to another catalog (separate database) of EnterMedia, or a remote EnterMedia installation on another server. This documentation describes a simple process to accomplish this task. Publishing to YouTube Promoting a business or product is much easier with public visibility. YouTube is a premier market for users to locate and engage with video assets. EnterMedia has made it easier to get approved video content to a company sponsored page. Update. Setup. Publish. It is as simple as that. Setting up SSL for Tomcat Want to protect your users by using encryption? The SSL Setup Documentation is a step by step procedure of setting up a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on your server. Specifically, we explain how to setup a GoDaddy certificate and setup https for an EnterMedia server. Supported File Formats EnterMedia does not have imposed limits on file formats. Although some file types may not produce useful previews, all file types are welcome in the DAM. This document was written to help site admins get the most out of the conversion tools and provide previews for any extensions that may not have made our default list. Feature Enhancements: Owner field is not set for assets imported with Hot folder – 68190834 This was causing some issues with permissions. The owner field is still not set, but this will no longer cause permissions issues. The owner field can be set manually by editing an asset, or by creating a script with logic specific to application preferences. REST API for Conversion – 66184752 This new functionality allows users to convert certain formats on the fly. Make User Table columns sortable – 60168604 The user table can now be sorted by three of the default values. This includes: first name, last name, and user name. This is a great way to navigate through the table quickly, verify basic information and manage user accounts. Create API to combine asset versions – 68192282 A user can now get all of an assets attachments and versions with a single call through the REST API. An example is available under Get All Versions: /views/learningcenter/wiki/Rest_API.html Enable Cluster for Conversions – 61526042 This allows a primary server to disable the runConversions script. This way remote servers can share conversion tasks more efficiently. Test Cluster with categories – 62688090 Manually created categories and those created automatically by Hot Folders are supported in a clustered environment. Add ability to pick an asset from your basket when using Asset Picker – 52227351 This functionality improves the ability to connect one asset to another via relationships. This way, a user does not need to know the assetid or filename of the asset they want to use as an end point. The improved picker makes relationships quick and simple. No way to embed video - 66874642 Videos can now be easily embedded through the same tool that allows users to embed other file types. Hot Library Limitations – 64627906 A URL for the video asset is available in the Conversions area by clicking the embed button. This link will still need to be associated with a video player on the site itself. The classic iframe option is still available in the share menu. Bug Fixes: Required functionality on the upload screen – 64769472 For list and multi-value field types, the 'Required' attribute was not being applied correctly on the upload screen. This functionality now works consistently throughout the application. Project tracker becomes unresponsive – 67873278 The projects module is getting more use with every release. Workflow tools, private libraries and collections can be used based on this feature set. We have corrected an issue that caused the area to intermittently break down. Application Export Issues – 67940878 A bug was preventing application components from being exported. The export process has been restored to provide several useful aspects of the application for quick cloning/ rebuilding. Hits per page not applying for advanced search results - 66097518 Account preferences allows users to choose how many results they want to see when searching. The optional values range from 9-100. This bug only applied to the advanced search, which would always return the default 15 results, regardless of user preference. This issue has been corrected. RenderType Time Length is missing - 66894800 timelength has been added to base.xml for datarendertypes. This metadata can be added to any view in EnterMedia. Data Manager does not save UK dates correctly – 62030618 Our UK customers will appreciate that we now support DD/MM/YYYY format in our data manager. Confirm email expiration feature – 61782476 Sharing assets with anonymous users needs to be reliable and secure. After a few deployments reported issues with this feature, we went through the code to make sure that it is fully functional and tamper proof. oemounts added blank generated tags – 67869306 This bug only effected Windows users. This bug was causing issues with version files stored in Hot Folders. The blank entries caused mounted files to end up in the wrong location. The new logic is improved to take a more intelligent approach and keep things in a more sensible order.