EnterMedia 8.06R1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes Basket clearing/ deletion issue – 28746087 - If a group of assets was in the basket and a single one of those assets were deleted, the whole basket of assets would be cleared. The basket will now refresh without clearing assets. Gallery/ Table view transition bug. - 33373339 - Moving in and out of the basket while in gallery view caused the buttons to get confused. Users would see the View Table view when they were already in table mode. They would then have to click twice to get back to gallery mode. All table to gallery and gallery to table transitions have been verified. Attachment – Buttons not Working – 33380527 - The primary download and thumbnail can be changed in an asset. When changing the primary download the primary thumbnail also changed. Asset view Permissions – 37439067 - After creating a new asset view, the permission could not be managed on a role basis. Each data view was either on or off. This issue has been resolved. The documentation has also been updated and posted to the site. Asset table is blank when filters is set to 'none' - 37676187 - As the filters are adjusted in the front end of the application, the asset table in the data manager will change. The asset table has been separated from the filters feature. The table is now a static set of results. Document Viewer – Next/ Previous issue – 38016105 - Manually clicking on another page in the document viewer area removed the ability to navigate to the next or previous asset. The issue has been revolved. Dash is an unacceptable character in All Fields search – 37033975 - Users are now able to perform searches for results that contain dashes '-' in a field. Individual fields must be set up appropriately. Open Office PowerPoint format – Conversion Issue – 38016729 - Odp format produced generic icon and could not be previewed after the conversion event. The format now converts and previews correctly. Can't Download as an Anonymous User. - 38342467 - Anonymous users are the most limited by default, but with the right combination of permissions an anonymous user can download a file. When combined with libraries and additional applications, it is easy to host both a public and a private library. Feature Enhancements: Restore Multi-Upload editable view - 37691459 - The view for the multi-upload area can once again be customized. The new standard does not provide separate fields for each asset. It provides a single field that can be applied to all assets as they are uploaded. It is useful when assigning assets to categories, libraries, tagging, or other general editing. Specific editing can be done from the multi-upload private editing table. Catalogs, libraries and keywords are static fields in this area. All others are optional. Multi-Upload private editing table – 37679129 - In 8.5 the multi-upload area was being changed to better suit the look and feel of the latest code. Once the assets have been uploaded users will be directed to a results upload area. It is a table view specific to the latest wave of uploaded files. This allows users or content managers to use the multi-edit options to add any metadata to the files individually or in groups. Use the back button to return to the original list. Email assets – Download link issues- 37693949 - The email assets feature provided a faulty link when sending downloads to assets. Preview links work fine. The download link feature has been fixed and updated. SFTP Publishing – 37695179 - Publishing to a pre-configured SFTP server is now supported. Issues in current version: When multiple users vote on an asset it messes up the way it is labeled. For example, Voted for an asset as admin then voting for an asset as Test User produces the result: 'you and Test User like this' even while logged in as test user. The SWF video format converts and previews correctly, but the thumbnail is a generic icon rather than a video image crop. This will be corrected in a future release. When attaching a multi-page document to a file there are issues with changing the defaults thumbnails. For example, if a user changes the primarty thumbnail from an image asset to a 3 page document and back again, the user will see a three page thumbnail preview of the original image. This will be corrected in a future release. The button for primary download changes the thumbnail as well. It can be worked around. The buttons will be limited to their listed function in a future release. In order to view the tags, a user must belong to both a role that has edit tag permissions and a group that on the catalogasseteditgroup in the Data Manager/ catalogsettings area. This way there is a clear separation between being able to view tags and being able to edit them. In Other News: The Virtual Box Evaluation has an issue with converting videos properly. We had narrowed down the issue with ffmpeg and will have a working version that supports videos up soon. If you are experiencing dark image conversions it may be time to upgrade your version of image magick. There are other variables that can cause this issue, but in most cases the latest release of this essential dependency will take care of it.