Bidirectional Asset Pulling

EnterMedia offers a new feature for bidirectional pulling assets between 2 remote instances. This a key feature in our EnterMedia Distributed Media Cloud architecture taking the role of distributing content across regions enhancing Searching, Upload, Download and Storage tasks. [caption id="attachment_3561" align="aligncenter" width="640"]EnterMedia Distributed Media Cloud EnterMedia Distributed Media Cloud[/caption] Bidirectional pulling can work as:
  • Content Distribution Network
  • Fail over Cluster
  • Backup
To enable Assets Pulling add a new record in the editingcluster table. You need to provide the Editing (Source) URL including the catalog, the ElasticSearch Cluster Name and the entermediakey. Next step is to schedule the Pull changes from Nodes script that will pull the data from the Editing server. Configure and enable the script going to: Settings | Scheduler | Events |  Cluster and select the script. Your assets will now contain the Record Edit Date and the Master Edit Cluster id where it was pulled. Enabling Bidirectional Pulling works adding reciprocally the Editing Node in both servers (Server A will pull from B, Server B will pull from A).