AVCONV/FFMPEG Preset Parameters

Parameter Description Example Value
b:v Video Bitrate 150k
b:a Audio Bitrate 192k
ac Set Number of Audio Channels 2
crf Constant Rate Factor 23
qscale Constant Quality Scale. {1,30} 20
prefwidth Preferred Width 640
prefheight Preferred Height 480
vcodec Video Codec libx264
acodec Audio Codec libfaac
preset Provides a certain encoding speed to compression ratio medium
threads Set the Thread Count 2
b Set Bitrate (Output, Audio, Video) 200k
vpre Loads vpre preset file (Legacy)
fpre Loads fpre preset file (Legacy)
fps Desired Output Framerate 30
ab Audio Bitrate 192k
ar Set Audio Sampling Rate (in Hz) 44100
setpts Change the PTS (presentation timestamp) of the input video frames 10
scaledownonly Prevents scaling width and height greater than original video size true
  Example Preset Configuration (Assets | Settings | Preferences | Preset Configuration) AVCONV FFMPEG Example Preset Configuration