AVCONV Transcoding Time Data

Below is a table of data gathered from transcoding sample video files with the goal of establishing a reliable benchmark for transcoding times using video conversion programs in EnterMedia. To run this script on your server, follow these steps:
1) mkdir ~/entermedia_diag 2) cd ~/entermedia_diag 3) git clone git://dev.entermediasoftware.com/installer_centos.git 4) cd installer_centos/diag 5) chmod 775 bench.sh 6) ./bench.sh 7) rm -f ~/entermedia_diag 
* Note: Make sure that you have avconv installed on your server before running the script. If you don't, refer to /views/learningcenter/wiki/avconv.html Time Data Table
Server Alias HD - Cached Reads (MB/s) HD - Buffered Disk Reads (MB/s) CPU (s) Video (s)