Amazon S3 Publishing

  1. The access Key and Secret Key are provided by Amazon S3 Go to: User top menu |  Security and Credentials | Users | Actions | Manage Access Key aws-key
  2. Attach a managment policy to the user (IAM | Uusers | Username | Permissions | Attach Polici | AdministratorAccess)aws-key-3
  3. Create a bucket and Setup your security policy (Bucket | Properties | Permissions | Add bucket policy), for example:
    	"Id": "Policy1474573944127",
    	"Version": "2012-10-17",
    	"Statement": [
    			"Sid": "Stmt1474573940967",
    			"Action": "s3:*",
    			"Effect": "Allow",
    			"Resource": "arn:aws:s3:::entermedia9",
    			"Principal": {
    				"AWS": [
  4. Install AWS plugin into EnterMedia From the /manager application choose the Sandbox version of "Amazon AWS". Once you update then you will need to restart Tomcat.
  5. Setup your Publish Destination EMShare | Settings | Preferences | Publishing Only three fields are needed as show below:awsproperties
  6. The directory that is used to save is based on the Verify your export name in Preferences | Transcoding | Original Format |  File Download Format. For example ${date}/${time}/${filename} would save files in Amazon based on today date.
  7. Now you can select assets Share | Publish Assets to Server | Amazon Cloud
  Future Documentation: 1. S3 HotFolder setup 2. Expire media locally to S3/Glacier