JSON Rest API - Import Local File

Import Local File

Creates an asset on EnterMedia from a local file, Google Drive file or Amazon S3 Drive file






id: Unique string to identify your asset
importpath: Path to the file located on a hot folder or local path
    Use hot folder when you want to use that file as the original asset
    Use a local path when you want EnterMedia to create a copy of that file
keywords: Array of strings to represent the tags of the asset
longcaption: Caption of Asset
sourcepath: (optional) This is to specify the file's final location of the asset, you want to use this only if you want to control folder path inside EnterMedia


Sample Request

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -X POST http://entermedia.org/mediadb/services/module/asset/create \
  -b 'entermedia.key=adminxxxx' \
  -d '{
        "importpath": "/media/tempdata/york-360-orig.mp4"
        "keywords": [
        "longcaption": "TEST"


A succesful request returns the http 200 and status = "ok"

Sample Response

        "id": "101"
            "name": ""
        ,"name": "cover2.jpg"
        ,"folderimportpath": "\/media\/tempdata\/cover2.jpg"
        ,"sourcepath": "MediaCenter\/cover2.jpg"
                "name": ""
        ,"isfolder": "false"
            "name": ""
        ,"assetviews": "1"
        ,"creator": "billmoyers1"
            "name": "JPG"
            "name": "The Administrator"
            "name": "Pending Metadata"
            "name": "Unknown"
            "name": "Approved"
        ,"longcaption": "TEST"
                "name": ""
                "name": ""
        ,"islocked": "false"
            "name": "Resend"