Collections - Permissions

First and foremost, important points to grasp are the following:

  1. Standard/default permissions for different Roles can be set by going to Settings>Permissions, then selecting (from the drop-down) which Role you would like to edit the permissions for. Once those permissions are saved, they will apply to any user who has that Role assigned to them.
    NOTE: These are baseline software permissions that will enable them everywhere, all the time. No other permissions will override the ones set here. So, doing the minimum, default level of permissions is what this should be used for. As an example – it would most likely not be the best idea to give a non-admin Role complete editing permissions, because they will ALWAYS have them no matter what Collection/Library they are in, because you have set this permission at the base-level of the software. So, for flexibility with editing access/permissions, it would be best to edit those at the Collection/Library levels (which will be explained further in this document).  
  2. Next, it is important to understand that when editing the permissions of a Library (or a leading folder in the category tree), the permissions will indeed trickle down to any Collections(/folders) beneath it. HOWEVER – individual Collection permissions will override this! Meaning, if certain Groups/Roles/users do not have editing access to a specific Library (and the Collections within it), you can still give them access to specific Collections within that Library. (To do this, you must go to that individual Collection and edit the “Collection Permissions,” as will be shown in visual examples later in this document.)
  3. While moving through all of this, it is important to understand that assigning users to Roles and Groups makes this process much, much easier and more efficient, because you are editing the permissions for everyone in that Role/Group at once, as opposed to doing it on a user by user basis (which, of course, takes much more time).

Library Permissions

To edit Library Permissions, go to any Collection within that Library, then click on Library Permissions, as shown below:

Once clicked, you will see the following:

(Editing, Deleting, and Uploading permissions are some of the most common, and are listed as the first three options in this area for that exact reason.)

Now, select which permission you would like to edit, choose (from the dropdown) which Group or Role you would like to give that permission to, then click Add, as shown below. 

NOTE: You can add multiple Groups/Roles this way, just be sure to click Add each time you do it, so that it will save.

Collection Permissions

To edit individual Collections' permissions, you follow the same steps as described above - but instead of clicking on Library Permissions from that first drop-down, you select Collection Permissions instead.