Hot Folders

Hot folders are virtual folders created by EnterMedia Server, which are connected to a physical folder path in the system. any asset here, will not be written, but EnterMedia will read and create a copy on the system when specified

For more information check at import local file.

URL: This are created in in

  • Nickname = Nickname of the hot folder
  • Hot Folder Type = type of hot folder, "local", "Amazon S3 Drive" or "Google Drive"
  • External Import Path = Local disk drive, path, url, or Windows Share that will be mounted.
  • Internal Category Path = The path to the category location
  • How Often To Scan = Files in attachment folder that will trigger auto creation of attachments.
  • Priority = The order of this hot folder. 0-100 Higher comes first
  • Enable hot fodler scanning = Enable or disable scanning

Sample Configuration

/media/tempdata it's the physical folder in the system.

MediaCenter is the name of the name we will use in our assets.