Application Export and Import


EnterMedia 10 we have different ways to Export or Backup DAM instances.

Replicating Docker Instance

To fully duplicate an EnterMedia-Docker Instance you need to follow the steps: First you need to create an empty EnterMedia instance in the destination server, using the same parameter options you made to create the instance you are duplicating. We recommend to use the you have inside your docker scripts area (/media/emsites/my_instance_name/44/).

 sudo ./ my_instance_name 44

Once the instance has been created in the destination server you need to stop it (./ Now you need to make a copy of your entire instance path to the new server. We recommend to use rsync command. We also recommend to run rsync on all the internal folders while the instance is running, except for the elastic folder.

For the elastic folder you will need to stop the main instance and copy the files. Rsync samples to run on the destination server to pull everything:

Rsync all folders but elastic

 rsync -azhi --progress --delete --exclude=elastic /media/emsites/my_instance_name/ 

If you can stop the main instance you can copy the database the folling way:

  1. Stop the main instance
  2. run command:
 rsync -azhi --progress --delete /media/emsites/my_instance_name/elastic/ 

If you need to keep the main instance running

we will only copy the elasticsearch snapshots the following way

 rsync -azhi --progress --delete /media/emsites/my_instance_name/elastic/repos 


Once you have the full copy you should be able to start your secondary instance. Keep in mind you will have an exact replica at the moment of the data was copied, if you want to keep a sync copy you can follow this instructions to use the Elasticsearch Snapshot Sync functionality.

Manager App

You can restore a Snapshot from the Source instance and restore it at the new place. Here you can find instructions to generate and restore Manager Snapshots.