Docker Installation - Upgrade Instructions

Basic upgrade instructions for Docker installations, keep in mind we recommend to maintain proper backup mechanisms in order to recover your data in case a disaster.
  1. If it's an Production server, make sure we have a backup.
  2. For no downtime edit NGINX to use a B server (if we have a primary and backup).
  3. Make sure DB snapshot is updated (less than 24 hours).
  4. Make sure Manager snapshot is within a week old.
  5. Optionally you can look at Tomcat access logs for anyone using the site.
  6. In your Terminal go to Entermedia's installation path, usually at /media/emsites/sitename/xx/. Run update scripts with a sudo user:
    1. For newest em9 release version run:
    2. For latest em9dev version run:
    3. For latest em10 version (recommended) run:
  7. Check for any startup issues. Update and initial start after tye update should take a couple of minutes only.
  8. If your old version is more than 15 days old then Data Base needs to reindex after the update, as an Administrator user, got to:
    Settings | Server | And click on Reindex database
  9. If the old version is more than 60 days old then reindex the system catalog at:
    (https://yourserver/manager/) | Server | Reindex
  10. If error on reindex then old field definitions need to be cleared out.