Notifications on asset collaboration

Comment Notifications:

Email notifications will be sent to any user collaborating on an asset via the Chat tool. The following two rules will trigger events that will be enabled by default every half-hour and will send notifications:


1) If a user makes some changes on the metadata of an asset, the asset’s owner will be notified.  Any user/follower of the Collection that asset is a part of will also be notified. 

2) When someone adds a comment to the asset using the Collaborate tool (chat), the asset’s owner and the users that are following the Collection it is a part of will be notified.  Any user who has previously commented on that asset will also be notified.

In both cases, you will be notified if there is any metadata edition or comment made on one or more assets since the last time the notifications events have been run, and if you respect the above conditions.

Metadata edition:

Comment on chat: