Site Notifications


The website has 4 channels of notifications.

  1. The EM Portal has e-mail notifications for a two different portal activities. Ticket creation, if a ticket is created and you are apart of the workspace staff you will receive an e-mail notification for this ticket upon creation. Monitoring e-mails, if you are a site admin you will receive an e-mail notification everytime a client website is flagged as being down and once again upon site restoration.
  2. In the EM Portal if there is a message you have not viewed yet, a yellow bell will appear next to the workspace name in sidebar on the left-hand side side-bar. The yellow bell will disappear once the message has been viewed. This will occur regardless if you are logged in or not. The specific topic the unread chat is in will be bolded.
  3. If you are logged into the EM Portal and have allowed pop-ups/browser notifications, you will receive desktop notifications for messages in real-time from the workspace chat area. This will only happen for workspaces you are apart of and if you have any workspace chat open. As long as at least one workspace chat or direct message is open you will receive desktop notifications for all workspaces you are apart of.
  4. The Entermedia Mobile App has it's own set of notifications as well. If you have downloaded the app onto your mobile device and your system settings are allowing push notifcations, you will receive notifications for ticket creation and ticket completion for workspaces you are apart of.