Asset Field Type

Asset Field Type can be used to add Assets to any Module in the DAM.

Create your Field and select Asset as Render Type:

You will get an Asset Finder or Upload component where users will be able to select a current asset or upload a new file.

You can customize the Path where this asset will be saved modifying XML file, you will need add a sourcepath property to the field definition. this sourcepath can be setup to save in a HotFolder path in case you want to save in an external location. 

 <property id="dam_asset_id" sourcepath="Media/${filename}" index="true" editable="true" viewtype="asset" rendertype="asset" required="false" filter="false" multilanguage="false">      <name>        <language id="en"><![CDATA[Program Asset]]></language>      </name>  </property>

Variables you can Map:

  • ${filename} = Uploading file name
  • ${id} = Id of the Row in the Module
  • ${userid} = User uploader id