Linux Systems Permissions

We strongly recommend to run EnterMedia in your Linux OS Host Machine with a user that is part of the root group (sudo privileges). In case you can not use the sudo facilities, here is a list of required permissions and access a regular user will need to Deploy and Run an EnterMedia instance:

 Full control of /media/emsites/*     -Write/Right      -sudo chown -R entermedia:entermedia Being able to run as sudo:     -docker (any command)     -/etc/default/docker     -service docker start/stop/restart     -nginx -s reload     -curl     -wget     -df     -W/R permissions to:         -/etc/nginx/*         -/etc/security/limits.conf         -/etc/sysctl.conf         -/var/log/*         -/tmp/         -/var/lib/docker/*     -sysctl -p     -iptables     -iptables-save R/W permissions on Data Mounts (NFS) 

We also recommend to add entermedia user to docker group

 usermod -aG docker entermedia