Distributed Sync Overview

EnterMediaDB 10's built in sync functionlity can serve a diverse variety of purposes. Ranging from CDN simplicity to always on backup functionality or service redundancy

Features include: 

  • All Categories, Assets, Collections changes are pulled down to remote servers then local changes are pushed back up to remote server
  • Efficient pulling of changes across large data sets. Only send the changes
  • Include thumbnail evaluation for any changes or crops
  • Handles delete syncronization so that asset counts stay synchronized
  • Conflict resolution is done based on master edit node for each record. The master wins and exception are stored in the remotesaveconflictLog table

EnterMedia Distribution nodes provide full replicas of all media inside and outside the data center

It can be configured in several different layers. as shown on the next picture

Hybrid Configuration

This Configuration will syncronize nodes on the fly. Both servers will replicate to the other, either by pushing content or pulling content. both servers are great for failover and loadbalancing.

The "Content Distribution Nodes" are not required but if you want to distribute load you can configure it. Check for more content:

Content Distribution Nodes

Managed GEO DNS Failover and low cost redundancy, this replicas will serve assets as close to your customer as it can, managed by DNS GeoLocation. it will also have failover between sites and shortest path possible.


For configuring site syncing please check Distributed Media Sync for more details.