Command Line

This doc assumes that you have already installed the EnterMediaDB application for your OS. If you have not, please visit the downloads page for instructions. 1. Installing an instance of EnterMediaDB can be done with a simple command:

 sudo entermediadb install 

You will be prompted to provide the folder, data and port number that will be used (such as 8080). You should not use any port number lower than 1024. For the purposes of the rest of this guide, we will assume you chose the defaults (port 8080, data at /media/data, and application at /opt/entermediadb). 2. Once the web server is installed you will need to setup a firewall or nginx to forward port 80 to your chosen port. To test that the server is running you can use this command:

 wget http://localhost:8080/manager/

(On Amazon make sure your security group enables the chosen port) 3. To remove a site

 sudo entermediadb delete /opt/entermediadb 

4. You can go back and forth between master and dev branches by removing the one you do not want and installing the one you want. Then you need to update the webapp. For example, to switch from master to dev, use your package manager to uninstall entermediadb package and install entermediadb_dev. Then run the following command to update the application data:

 sudo entermediadb update /opt/entermediadb

Optional - Setup Load Balancer [button url="/knowledge/9/setup-nginx-load-balancer/"]Setup Load Balancer[/button]