Upgrade Methods

Upgrading via Docker (Recommended)

Method II – RPMS

If you installed Entermedia using RPMS, you need to update the RPM and then update your installation.

CentOS and RHEL

$sudo yum clean all
$sudo yum update entermediadb


$sudo yum update entermediadb_dev Ubuntu
$sudo apt-get update

Now Update EntermediaDB

$sudo entermediadb update /opt/entermediadb

Method III – Manually

You can also do a manual upgrade.

  1. Download the latest ROOT.war from either:
    • Master Release:
      ROOT.war curl -XGET -o /tmp/ROOT.war http://dev.entermediasoftware.com/jenkins/view/EM9/job/em9_demoall/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/deploy/ROOT.war > /dev/null
    • Dev Version:
       ROOT.war curl -XGET -o /tmp/ROOT.war http://dev.entermediasoftware.com/jenkins/view/EM9DEV/job/em9dev_demoall/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/deploy/ROOT.war > /dev/null
  2. Replace the ROOT/WEB-INF/base and ROOT/WEB-INF/lib directories on your server with those found within the ROOT.war file.
  3. Restart After upgrade in order to see the changes.