Malicious Hidden Files Detection

EnterMedia now detects malicious files extensions (Win32 exe) usually hidden in media files like videos. Immediatly after the asset is ingested into the DAM, we read the file format and validate the extention to that type, in case we detect an irregularity we flag the asset as Invalid  Format (invalidformat) in the importstatus field.

In case you are ingesting and reading assets from EnterMedia with one of our APIs, you need to be sure importstatus field is includedin the response view of your API calls.

For the generic Asset Details REST API call (assets/catalog/data/views/asset/restassetdetails.xml) your XML view should look something like:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <properties usagelabel="General">   <property id="name"/>   <property id="headline"/>   <property id="assettitle"/>   <property id="longcaption"/>   <property id="importstatus"/>   <property id="editstatus"/>   <property id="owner"/> </properties>