EnterMedia offers next level Geolocation tracking for assets. This feature allows you to choose geolocation for an asset.

  • Select an asset.
  • In the Actions tab, click on Map.
  • Once in the map, look for the Search bar and type in the area you wish to locate (town, city, street address, etc).  Click Search.
  • Once the area has been pulled up on the map, you can drag the red location indicator to the exact spot you wish the image to be tagged with.
  • Once the exact location has been pin-pointed with the red location indicator and the coordinates appear in the Positions field below the map, click on Save Values.

Some assets represent resources that are available, or present in multiple locations. You can save multiple locations for an asset in the Properties area. You need to add a new field to the asset table. Define the field type as Location (Lat and Long) with a Render Type of Map. Add the field to a View and now you can save several Geolcoations for an asset.