Migrate EM9 to EM10

Any fresh install will be shipped with emshare2 (EM10) by default. If you already have an instance running and would like to setup and use the new UI (emshare2), please follow the following steps:


Please make sure that you're running the latest DEV/MASTER build in order to have all the required files. 


  1. Go to your current catalog location (ex.: /webapp/assets/) and make copy the assets directory named emshare2
  2. Go to the newly created emshare2 directory and edit the _site.xconf file as following:
     /WEB-INF/base/emshare assets/emshare


     /WEB-INF/base/emshare2 assets/emshare2 
  3. In the datamanager, find the "app" table and add a new row:
    Name: EMShare2
    Deploy Path: /assets/emshare2
  4. Algo go to your theme settings and hit [save], this will update your new emshare2 theme, with the old emshare
  5. Restart your instance to load the new files and you should see a new entry on the landing page called EM Share2.



  1. You might need to recreate a theme, to do so, go to Settings->Preferences.
  2. Make a copy of the EM Share 2 Beta theme, select it, rename it and create your own theme.
  3. You might need to refresh your browser cache to see the changes on the whole site.