Try our new Media Drive AI App 

EnterMedia's tool for sync files from your local PC to your EnterMedia Instance.


Download for Windows 7-64bWindows 10-64b

Java 8+ is required.


Download for Linux

Java 8+ is required.

Mac iOS

Download for Mac

Java 10+ and X11 are required.


Install instructions

Download and unzip the package in your local PC.


Open MediaBoat application and introduce a valid user/password for your instance.

Wait for the Login Complete message. Once is connected, you can start syncing assets from your EnterMedia Instance.

In your EnterMedia instance select a Collection and select the assets you want to download:

Then hit the Sync and next Download buttons, doing that will overwrittes your local files with the ones present in your remote Collection.

You can find the download assets in the path:

  • Windows: C:\Users\Username\Entermedia\Collection-Name\
  • Linux: /home/username/Entermedia/Collection-Name/
  • Mac: /Users/username/Entermedia/Collection-Name/

You can monitor connected users in your Dashboard Reports. Go to Dashboard in the top right navigation and select Desktop.