Docker Deployment Mac

Mac Docker Install

Install docker

  1. Go to
  2. Download the Edge version, since it has the latest updates, and compatability with mounted disk is much better. as of december-2020
  3. Install docker, you'll see a docker app on your task bar:
  4. Once installed run it and you'll see


Configure system for entermedia Server

create user entermedia

  1. Go to Users & Groups settings
  2. Then 
  3. then you can click on the + sign and create user
  4. To make sure the user exsits do the following command on your terminal
     bash id -u entermedia 
  5. create folder for entermedia
     bash mkdir /Users/entermedia/Public/emsites chown entermedia /Users/enteremdia/Public/emsites 
  6. Share folder to give permission to everyone

Configure Docker

Go to your docker preferences > Resources > File Sharing and add the folder

Apply and restore

Install Entermedia

Download and install script

 bash cd /Users/entermedia/Downloads wget -O - >> chmod +x ./ test 100 entermedia