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EnterMedia evolved from OpenEdit, which was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio by Christopher Burkey in 2001. The company is committed to the continued to expansion of its technological capabilities, team roster, client base and overall reputation as an open source digital asset management software and service provider. The core code has been used to as the basis for other alternative DAM and MAM (media asset management) applications, extensions, plug ins and projects for developers and companies world wide.

Product Overview



Christopher Burkey, creator of EnterMedia, has been a CEO in the digital media industry for over fourteen years. He has acted as the senior architect for OpenEdit (CMS) and EnterMedia during this time. Christopher’s latest endeavor, the MediaDB, is now available to make DAM in the cloud more approachable and practical for organizations of all sizes and from all industries.

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The EMShare product utilizes modern features and a client-based development model. It is a great tool for basic DAM, and just one example of the kind of front end that can be built and supported through MediaDB. The EnterMedia APIs serve as a solid framework for building custom applications, complete with workflow, reporting, analytics, product extensions and plug in options. Professional installation, support, hosting and consulting services are available from our team.

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EnterMedia’s curriculum vitae includes Slamdance Film Festival, JC Decaux (UK), Highlights Magazine, PRNewswire, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), Harvard University, ExactTarget, NewsCorp (Australia), Mindset (South Africa) and many others. Corporate enterprises, small businesses, universities and non-profits are all satisfied with the flexibility, scalability and support structure offered by the software and staff. Entities and organizations of all sizes are welcome at the table to offer ideas and reap the benefits of our open source business model.

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The EnterMedia community includes integrators, marketers, consultants and partners spanning all over the globe. The core product team uses agile development techniques to quickly create new features and new versions of EnterMedia. It is our goal to be at the forefront of innovation for our customers and public users.

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