• Installation
    • Training
    • Hand-Off
    • Launch

    Installing EnterMedia is more than just running a script. There are many customizations and important decisions to be made along the way. EnterMedia’s team of experts have the skills and experience to install and setup the software that will empower your organization in just 15 days. The potential of your website and resources of your users will be magnified exponentially by the power of a professional digital asset library, and the support of the people who created it.

    • Onsite time can be spent on an project goals
    • Onsite work sessions with senior product architects
    • Paired development/ training/ consulting
    • Team training available

    The creme de le creme of trainings, on-site training includes Entermedia pros visiting the location of your choice to train your developers first hand to become Entermedia pros of their own. In addition to the in-person training, our strongest support methods are in place and outlined below. These include, but are not limited to, prioritized bugs and features, prioritized emergency SLA and after hours phone support and live work sessions.

    • Includes one half day session
    • Session can be used for training, troubleshooting, or customization assistance
    • Includes scheduling and ZenDesk services related to this initiative
    • Limited to small scale projects
    • Limited to four per client/ per month

    Single sprints are fast and easy sessions that produce results. They can be used to provide minor tweaks, quick bug fixes, and basic customizations. Paired sessions are available for training and assistance on local issues. Research for larger projects can be completed via single sprints to help establish a better understanding of overall project budget and scope before organizing and committing resources.

    • Includes 6 half day sessions to be provided over the course of two weeks
    • Includes a startup meeting, progress meeting and final review
    • Includes documentation of any enhancements or customizations
    • Includes deployment to a single staging or development server
    • Designed for demanding projects or complex feature sets

    Want to get work done quickly? 15 Day sprints are ideal for labor intensive projects that cannot be covered in the single session sprints. Each of these sprints includes a detailed hit list, scheduled progress meetings, and documentation of any sponsored features or customizations. The work sessions and status checkpoints are planned by our project managers, but could be managed by yours as well. The focus can range from advanced feature requests to in depth server administration, clustering upgrades, failover and backup redundancy solutions, or feasibility research.

    Buy now to begin the process and start working with our team. Or, contact us to discuss the details of your goals and the best way for us to work together to achieve them.

    • Full review of all product APIs
    • Live work sessions with senior product architects
    • Includes server administration training
    • Email/ phone support through ZenDesk

    Developer Certification is the best step towards becoming an Entermedia guru. Our experts will train your developers to know our product forwards and backwards, from front end feature tweaks to advanced backend setup and API usage. A strong support plan is included to ensure a solid handoff from our developers to yours. Entermedia Certified Developers most qualified to serve as an internal project lead.

    • Integration within a proprietary tool
    • Closed Source options
    • Private code branching
    • Custom Support/ API development

    Many clients have their own vision for how to offer DAM in combination with their existing products or in a SAAS model. EnterMedia offers closed source options for privatising code while retaining access to software and API updates in new releases. Custom support options are available for clients who have their own proprietary version of EnterMedia. Annual renewal of custom support will lock in access to all product improvements.

    • Open source product extensions
    • Custom applications
    • Managed projects
    • Open source feature development

    Major initiatives with clearly defined requirements can be quoted at a fixed price. Any feature development and product extensions built by EnterMedia will remain open source, however clients retain full ownership of any/ all HTML, CSS, customizations, settings, preferences, etc.. on their servers. The EnterMedia team has developers, project managers and expert partners available to take on projects of all sizes, scopes and platforms. You write the requirements; we deliver the results.