On-Premise Installation

Installing EnterMedia is more than just running a script. A local environment can benefit from our professional touch to verify dependencies, test features, import initial assets, integrate with Active Directory, and a number of other momentum building tasks. Deployment also includes training for your local administrators through live training exercises as needed. Successful setup and an empowered local team is our top priority for every server setup.

The benefits are grand, get expert advice on preparing your local server for your new media database.

  • Includes a startup meeting, progress meeting and hand-off meeting
  • Includes deployment of the base EnterMediaDB product to a single server
  • Includes unlimited administration training and best practices meetings
  • Includes unlimited technical support for 15 days
  • Includes up to three half day developer work sessions to be provided over the course of two weeks
  • Includes priority bug fixes
  • 15 business days

$2,999 USD

User & Admin Training:

Selenium Testing: