Mindset and Customized EMShare Applications




In the world of non-profit organizations, discovering the most economical ways to utilize competitive technologies is essential to long-term success. Open source solutions provide a more flexible platform with the option of a community-based support model. This appealing alternative to traditional proprietary software allows small businesses and NPOs access to the same tools and technology used by enterprise-level organizations. Best of all, it is affordable even with a limited budget.
These considerations led Mindset to contact EnterMedia. The online demo allowed the team to become familiar with the capability of the product and the arrangement of the application. The Google Group helped them to attain feedback and support for questions that came up throughout the process. Personal communication through other support channels enabled Mindset to find a sense of comfort with the responsiveness and thoroughness of the technical team. Would these factors be enough to convince Mindset to invest their vision and assets into the EnterMedia digital asset management solution? Only time would tell.


Mindset is a non-profit organization that was founded in South Africa in 2002. Their primary goal is to ‘to educate and improve health in South Africa.’ Mindset provides educational materials for children and young adults to help improve proficiency in mathematics, natural sciences, technology, and English. Another division helps treat HIV/ AIDS by reaching out to patients through clinics, health care providers, and in hospital waiting rooms. Mindset proves to be an engaging non-profit organization, with their assistance to help solve major issues and attempts to gain ground by empowering the population with knowledge and information.
Digital asset management (DAM) technology allows digital resources to be organized, shared, and used faster and easier than ever before. A flexible and highly functional, open source digital asset management is an essential piece in an efficient work flow model. In order to make a well-informed decision, Mindset spent over a year investigating the options and potential of competing software on the open source market. Choosing the right partner would be essential in the effectiveness of key pieces in the daily workflow of Mindset.

“Mindset Network initially invested in an internally developed and hosted KMS (Knowledge Management System) as we saw the need to manage our assets effectively. After 10 years, we outgrew this system given the amount of media we create. Our biggest challenge was the complexity around tagging and managing the workflow of our assets.”- Johan Els, COO and CTO of Mindset

The Challenge

Mindset had many goals and objectives in mind for their chosen solution. One of their primary ideas included accessing a tool that would allow Mindset administrators to publish videos on platforms such as YouTube. Mindset needed a tool where they could pull information to share videos with clients, create slideshows for interactive learning via interaction with flash files, and hold current construction positions for assets that were still being created. Some of these pieces would need to be backed by a strong API that would allow their team to manage the workflow in a smooth, efficient manner.
In order to ramp up the existing toolset to meet these needs, EnterMedia had to expand the Youtube extension to include metadata. This would allow data, such as the YouTube ID, to be written back to the digital asset management application. Additional attention to the way EnterMedia’s REST API could be used to help create and interact with token assets would also be necessary. Additionally, Mindset needed a support team that could back up the in-house development resources which would be essential to a collaborative process. This would allow Mindset to expand and improve areas of particular interest at their own pace.

“EnterMedia provides a robust, flexible, and easy-to-use system for organizing and managing digital assets of any kind, while also allowing for easy location and retrieval of assets. Integration with other systems and public websites is also easily possible with EnterMedia.” – Johan Els, COO and CTO of Mindset

The Solution

The out-of-the-box EMShare application, along with a few product enhancements, made EnterMedia an ideal solution for the daily workflow of Mindset. The support model would involve a combination of resources from the EnterMedia team and that of a local consulting company called eInsight (http://www.einsight.co.za/). Training and support for the installation would be provided to both Mindset and E-Insight team members to ensure that all parties would be involved in the ongoing collaboration that the model would require.

“With help from a local consultant, eInsight, EnterMedia evaluated and tested a number of Digital Asset Management Systems that exist in the market today. These included paid and open source solutions. eInsight evaluated a very complex, complete features list against all the products out there, and considered Mindset’s needs. EnterMedia came out as the best possible choice, for its flexibility, scalability, reliability, and total cost of ownership. EnterMedia’s solid features list and open API for additional development proved to be the best fit for our organization.” – Johan Els, COO and CTO of Mindset

EnterMedia dedicated time and resources to ensure that Mindset felt comfortable and confident in this collaboration. The first step within the collaborative world of open source digital asset management, is to help take an organization from the limitations of a closed proprietary model to a place of open minds and ever-increasing potential. Always inspired by the hard work and positive community impact of non-profit models, EnterMedia put their best efforts into meeting all of the needs and requirements that Mindset had provided early on in the process.
“EnterMedia met all our expectations with regard to the installation and configuration of the product. After-sales support is timely, consistently good, professional, and very helpful and has exceeded expectations.” – Johan Els, COO and CTO of Mindset


Mindset dedicated over an entire year to evaluate and consider the options being offered on the market. In the end, it was evident that EnterMedia maintains a competitive, cost-effective solution for non-profit organizations. After close evaluation, testing, and discussion, Mindset made the decision to proceed with EnterMedia as their official digital asset management solutions provider.
“Mindset Network has already created over 1,400 hours of educational video content with supporting PDF and interactive online programs. This library is only useful to the children when it can be stored and managed in meaningful ways. EnterMedia has provided this. We, at Mindset Network, would strongly recommend EnterMedia as a highly versatile and complete DAMS.” – Johan Els, COO and CTO of Mindset