EnterMedia now has his own tool for sync files from your local PC to your EnterMedia Instance.


Download for Windows 7-64b, Windows 10-64b

Java 8+ is required.


Download for Linux

Java 8+ is required.

Mac iOS

Download for Mac

Java 10+ and X11 are required.


Install instructions

Download and unzip the package in your local PC.


Open MediaBoat application and introduce a valid user/password for your instance.

Wait for the Login Complete message. Once is connected, you can start syncing assets from your EnterMedia Instance.

In your EnterMedia instance select a Collection and select the assets you want to download:

Then click on Download button, this action replaces your local files with contents of the Collection.

You can find the download assets in the path:

  • Windows: C:\Users\Username\Entermedia\Collection-Name\
  • Linux: /home/username/Entermedia/Collection-Name/
  • Mac: /Users/username/Entermedia/Collection-Name/

You can monitor connected users in your Dashboard Reports. Go to Dashboard in the top right navigation and select Desktop.