Media Storage Server

A complete turnkey solution from EnterMedia to archive all your media files from your production systems using EnterMedia9. Allows for long term storage and indexing of media files with the ability to index or restore project folders into your production areas.

Storage capacity

JBOD architecture with ZFS Filesystem and EnterMedia 9 cluster
RAID Type: RAID-Z2 (Double parity with variable stripe width)
Number of drives = 48 6 TB SAS HGST Drives per Unit
Number of chassis : 2 SAS 24 Units each
RAID-Z is a software-based RAID implementation in the ZFS file system.

  • Disks can be grouped into a raidz group with triple parity – RAID-Z3
  • One or multiple raidz groups form a zpool which is used as a storage pool for a ZFS file system.
  • Data is striped across all raidz groups included in a zpool.
  • ZFS uses 1/64 (approximately 1.56%) of the available zpool storage for metadata.
  • Space efficiency = 0.9615 (96.15%) of 240 TB = 200 TB usable space


Includes EnterMedia 9 Cluster and Complete Technical Support

EnterMedia pre-installed with a 2 node cluster and load balancer using Docker. Additional cluster nodes running outside the appliance can be added at any time. EnterMedia will have it’s own Volume with 1TB SSD caching.

  • 2U 16 core CPU Server with 64 Gig of RAM running Ubuntu
  • 1 TB SSD Local Disk
  • 2 – 24 Bay SAS Backplane 4U each one.
  • 2 – 1Ghz Network Cards
  • 2 Hardware RAID cards
  • Includes 12U rack
  • Includes installation assistance, admin and technical training
  • 3 Year Server hardware support including monitoring and alerting
  • 3 Year full warranty on Hardware
  • Four hot Swap spare drives
  • Annual EnterMedia support plan
  • Current pricing is $70,000 USD includes EnterMedia9, 3 year support plan and 3 year hardware warranty
  • Free shipping to anyplace in continental USA