Open Source Media Database

EnterMedia is an open source, flexible, web-based media database to help manage digital assets. The user interface is sleek, simple, and easy to use. With focus on security, scalability, and customization, this product is ideal for complex needs of an enterprise environment. EnterMedia offers professional installation, personalized support, and consulting services to help your organization get the most out of your digital asset management solution (DAMS).



Flexible Platform

EnterMedia has created an intuitive media database that connects users to their assets. We are an open source digital asset management company, committed to a diverse and flexible platform that empowers you to take control of your media database, and manage every aspect of digital asset workflow.


    Unlimited Customization

As an administrator, you’re able to create custom features, from filters to image cropping, in order to accommodate your faculty, colleagues, students, clients, and public users. Customized permissions allow administrators the freedom to manage all aspects of the media database and select custom options and user credentials as changes are implemented within the media asset manager.



Open Source Code

Open source means limitless possibilities when it comes to managing digital assets. We promote universal access within varying credential levels, meaning that your media database is limited only by the administrator’s set roles within specific deployment plans. Since our code is open source, we position our efforts within customer assistance and support, in addition to keeping our source code up-to-date in a constantly evolving media asset management market.

infoiconPersonalized Support

At EnterMedia, we offer varying levels of deployment plans, to ensure that your needs are adequately addressed and supported throughout installation and training. Customer Service is our top priority and we value all clients and partners affiliated with EM. As a media asset manager, our mission is to provide the best possible tools for your personal, business, organization, and university necessities in order to maintain successful organization within your media database.



With our EMShare application, users and administrators may utilize a variety of tools and unique features within our media asset manager in order to customize the media database. Digital assets may be organized and searched via any available metadata information, both individually and/or collaboratively. Role-based permissions allow a customized user experience when editing content, sharing assets, publishing media and downloading. As an administrator, you can predefine conversion options, build new modules, build data together (or separate) and customize all facets of the user experience with our convenient settings options.


High Level Server Architecture

Professional hosted services allow organizations to stay focused on core development while leaving the server administration to the experts. MediaDB is powered by Amazon CloudFront, NGINX, and Open Stack, making it a competitive alternative to any cloud-based solution on the market. ElasticSearch is built right into the product. This allows the media database to  be scaled to multiple machines via clustering.


EnterMedia Clustered Node Architecture

EnterMedia is one of the few Media Databases that supports Clustering


EnterMediaDB Technology

Media Database Cloud

The all new EnterMedia JSON API provides all of the major frontend and backend functionality for you to easily access and manage the digital asset management software.

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