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Download Virtual Machine

EnterMedia has streamlined the way potential customers and open source collaborators can test our digital asset management software for themselves. The EnterMedia VirtualBox image is a prepackaged version of the latest stable release (currently 8.17), complete with sample assets, associated metadata, users, and roles. Download the appropriate VirtualBox, import our image, and see how easy digital asset management can be.

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Hosting Trial

A free evaluation is available for clients who are considering the cloud option. The MediaDB is fully managed (including product upgrades) and hosted by the EnterMedia team, which minimizes time, energy, and resources on the client side. If the project challenges the limits of the available hardware, additional storage space and processing power is available. Clustering is also available at the enterprise level, which makes EnterMedia the most scalable option on the open source market.

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Local Installation Support

Many clients elect to install the software independently. When it comes time to go live, it is a best practice to have a support agreement in place so that your team has access to the experts when it comes time for questions, customizations, and troubleshooting. EnterMedia’s technical representatives can also help validate and test dependencies, provide training for application administration, and provide an experienced perspective for best practices and strategies.

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